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by The Rodeo Idiot Engine

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Consequences 02:29
We bring the rain of today. We all drown in a sludgy reflection. The mirror breaks and throws up the awful truth… we are ugly. All, with the head in our own storm. All, walking to our own ghost. Crawling in a blackwater, Residue of our selfish acts. Spattering often, The bleeding faces. When the Sun smothers the Moon, When Idols are scared, There’s always some tears. Eyes and hands became all red. We are the carrier of our own curse. The pain blowers. For each word, each breath, There are consequences….always.
Through rough and painful snatches Of an axe cut life, Old demons try to take place. All his life, spinning on endless and tortured roads, Every day in his loss, passenger, He strokes and sinks, Into the tracks of time. Hoping to see the end after each step. Can you feel the rain through your veins? But the clock is like this, Warped sex that defiles our bruised flesh. Leaving us with our bleeding scars. Try to close the doors That snap you into regrets. Get rid of those plagues that control you. Get rid of this fucking life that spits on your face. Now too old, Your life is a wound too much rotten. Life is a fall. Since the first scream, You’re diving. Life is a fall, Since the first scream, Why did you try to rise?
Gravel 05:36
Sit in your cage Watch your whole life. Acid lie. We are the dead skins, Crawling ourselves at any whistle sound. Look to your chains. We are the dead skins. To avoid ideas of flying away They fulfill your brain, To easily take pieces of you. You cannot sing, Gravel in your mouth. Cut it out. And scrape the ground now. Crowns and fakes remind us who we are. We are the sons of a dead dream, ghosts. Muffled screams, head buried in the ground. We are the blood, venom in their veins. We are the dogs, mashing hand of gods. We are the nails, sticked on their necks. We are venom, by us all pigs will die. Bleeding throats will turn away from this black, False, painted sun. We are hate, pain, blood. The mirror of shame will be broken. Glass will cut trough their scabs. Gravel in the mouth, Now, scream, bleed
Mass Grave 05:05
Towers are falling, With them gods are dropping. Breaths of salvation Have been muted. Winds of destruction are sweeping empires and crowns. Ravens have swallowed the light. Through the screen, believers are setting on fire churches and temples. Blood burns their eyes. Children and dogs eat the beast guts Watch this, them. Money not rules anymore, money not reigns anymore. Kings and gods, all laid down, Watching the ground in the same mass grave. It's the age of dust and shame. We're singing under the gallows. We sing our pain. No more time for tears And we even not hear the gods’ sigh. When with the herd in the Styx they sink. Worlds are wrecking. I shut the door of the past. Let fires dance with the darkness. Doves become ravens. Lambs become wolves. Under the gallows, We're singing our hate. The dark horse is coming. The dark horse is here. Let him blow these ashes. Spread the silence.
Masks 02:08
We wear masks and dry tears To sham innocence, To feign our regrets. We wear masks and dry tears, We wear masks made of stone, To hide grievous pains. But there comes a time When we can't take them off Without ripping off our skin. We wear masks and dry tears. We wear masks made of stone. Like cowards, We wear masks.
Spitting 01:04
We have to drain our brain To open our minds. We have to drain our brain. Nigger, faggot… Those words should be stillborn. We poison our breath with infected thoughts. We are all stupid insects. We are all spitting crap.
The Stake 01:18
We are the rotten child of blood and fire. The abject tool of flesh and fear. Your sweat obedient lamb. There’s no time for an other prayer. The reason is gone. We’re the ghosts of our passions…your passions. The blood of all you leave behind, Will burn gods tomorrow. It’s time to rise. Reap all, Reap what you sow.
Zigeuner 01:37
Swallow the light. Follow the line. You’ve only your bones And the weight of your fear. Scrape the mud and leave a trace. A trace without name. Number. A sky of ashes. Smoke swallows the light. The acid kiss. This kiss dries your tears, Removes your breath. One more number. The devour. Eagle strangled you. History buried you. Smokes swallow the light.
Since the dark ages, The old stones, Memory of dying time, Are dancing, clinging through the worlds. They sow their dust, Vestige of the past. Whispering among the winds, The colossus blows the dreams. This spirit’s breath becomes tales, Becomes songs. The cycle is ruled. One song for the life and One song for the death. And from them, all worlds are born. A refrain for all the worlds. A refrain for all the worlds that will die. Melodies are keepers of History. But, since too long, I’m the witness of their demise. And I look for a breeze, A last breath or a last note… at worst. There is only noise, residue of a dark din. I dive into the wound of this world. I dive into the scars of this world. I’m searching for this first note. Hearts are frozen since too long. They whisper, the end of all things.
Candor 02:16
Soiled face, alone. Lost in this place, dive. Dive, abort your dreams. Dive, forget the light. Forget the light. Trained dogs are released and come to crush you. Soon, jaws will close. Open your eyes. Like this rusty blade Grazing your neck, Your fear takes place, Trying to tears you on your way. You are burnt by your lies. You’re already dead. Candor is a curse. Candor is the curse of the weak. You’re carving your cross. Poison is spreading inside. You are wasting away. Is this what you feel? And is that what you wanted to? Filthy creepy rat Hiding in the dark. Is that what you feel? And is that what you wanted to? Always keeping away fucking gazes.
I stay, in the shadow, Broken knees on the floor, Watching the dead lights. They pass, so alive. Why I stay under The only broken lamp ? Round, keeping my eyes to the floor. Round, sleeping to the fog A shadow dreaming of light. The race is on, i cannot move. Fear takes place, consumes and enslaves. I am groaning under this burden and I know that This world moves With or without me. This is for the death. You put your veil over my entrails. But you never kissed me. In our white box, you took them. In my soiled heart, you took her. Thank you for this scar. Thank you for this shell. When the time erases the pain, All the wounds, deep, seen themselves But never heal, Hold you in the past. I feel lost, I feel trapped. Feeding my fear, I am my own hangman. I feel guilty. Every words, every looks, All those past pains, Blurred my vision and my dreams. But I know that I’m drowning In my tears…selfish. This is for my heart. And This is for my family. Soon, I’m gonna leave, Going back to her womb. She gaves me her seal. She left this scar To join me.


• Released on LP by Throatruiner Records (throatruinerrecords.com), Black Lake Records (blacklakerecords.net) & Dingleberry Records.

• Released on CD by Swarm Of Nails (www.swarmofnails.com)

• Released on Tape by Grains of Sand (wearegrainsofsand.com)


released September 3, 2013

• Recorded live by Amaury Sauvé @ La Senelle Studio, February 2013.
• Mixed by Amaury Sauvé @ La Senelle Studio, March/April 2013.
• Mastered by Alan Douches @ WWSM, May 2013.

• Artwork by Alan Billi (allian.fr)

• All lyrics and songs by The Rodeo Idiot Engine


all rights reserved



The Rodeo Idiot Engine France

"Bayonne-based quintet THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE have been nothing but unstoppable since their very first steps in 2009, tirelessly sculpting a signature sound torn between the most abrasive sides of chaotic hardcore, post-metal or screamo.

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